Inception and Artistic Connections

It all began in September 2021 with an intimate meetup at Kristel Bechara's studio, where 10 like-minded individuals gathered to celebrate art and foster connections

Building Momentum: From just a few to a gathering

A month later, we organized another event at Kristel Bechara's studio, this time welcoming 30 attendees. The growing enthusiasm for our community fueled our passion for creating unique artistic experiences

Embracing the Community: Open Bar Event

The following month marked a significant milestone as we hosted our first open bar event at the Arts Club (a private members club in the heart of Dubai). Over 100 people joined us for an evening filled with art, networking, and shared joy

Taking to the Seas: Yacht Party Extravaganza

Our inaugural yacht party, generously sponsored by our O.G member James Booth, saw over 100 attendees sailing the waves and celebrating art in a breathtaking setting. This event was groundbreaking and was the catalyst for the beginning of many more events to come

Solidifying the sense of belonging: NFT Community and Mint

We expanded our presence by establishing a NFT community in Lebanon with a vibrant beach villa party, attracting 100 passionate individuals. Our minting initiative began a few weeks later and we sold 1450 memberships, generating approximately $1.5M USD. With the proceeds, we acquired prestigious NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks for the benefit of our members

One Year Celebration: Growth and Community Appreciation

We commemorated our one-year anniversary with a grand celebration, bringing together over 300 people to honor the growth and success of our community at Playa beach club in Dubai

Collaborations and Exclusive Drops: Branded Partnerships

Our collaboration with Ledger resulted in an exclusive branded drop limited to 100 pieces, available exclusively to Arts DAO members. This highly sought-after collection sold out within 24 hours, showcasing the strong support and engagement of our community

Expanding Geographical Reach: Saudi Arabia and Beyond

Building on our success, we expanded our community to Saudi Arabia, establishing connections and hosting events in Riyadh and Jeddah which marked an important milestone in our trajectory

Celebrating community
culture creation: Arts
DAO Fest

We proudly hosted Arts DAO Fest, a groundbreaking festival focused on digital experiences and internet culture. This one-of-a-kind event attracted 3000 attendees, captivating them with immersive art installations, entertainment and unforgettable moments

Embracing Global
The Travelling Tribe

Our venture with Circolo took us beyond the Middle East as we embarked on the Travelling Tribe journey to Colombia. This trip allowed our members to explore a new culture and expand beyond the Middle East, expand their ownbusinesses, improve their global network and strengthen bonds outside their familiar surroundings

Our vision

To continue being  the most influential Web3 community in the Middle East,
that celebrates internet culture through real life experiences

Bringing Internet
Culture to Life

Our slogan, "Bringing Internet culture to life," encapsulates our vision. We understand that the internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, create, and consume art and information.
Arts DAO seeks to embrace this digital culture and translate it into real-world experiences that are tangible, immersive, and unforgettable

A Thriving

We believe in the power of personal connections and face-to-face interactions. That's why we organize weekly and monthly in-real-life (IRL) events that cater to our members' interests and passions. From yacht parties and exclusive restaurant experiences to cozy café gatherings and exciting bar nights, our events provide the perfect opportunity for networking and forging lifelong friendships

the Gap

Together with our community members we are at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, embracing the potential it offers for artists, creators, collectors and thought leaders. At Arts DAO, we aim to unlock the full potential of the Web3 ecosystem and create a sustainable and inclusive space for builders  to showcase their talent and enthusiasts to engage with unique creations

A Networking

Arts DAO is a networking powerhouse, bringing together ultra-high-net-worth Web3 builders, artists, creators, collectors, and thought leaders from around the world. Our community boasts a collective net worth of over $3 billion, making it a hub for individuals who are not only passionate about Web3 but also have a profound impact on the industry

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