The SEC has filed a lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase for allegedly operating as securities exchanges without registering with the SEC. Binance is facing additional charges of diverting customer funds to another business. The SEC has requested a federal judge to freeze Binance's US platform assets. Both exchanges deny the allegations and plan to defend themselves in court. SEC chief Gary Gensler has consistently stressed the need for cryptocurrency industry regulation, considering most cryptocurrencies as securities. Coinbase and Binance argue that they are designed to operate outside the traditional financial system. Binance has suspended USD deposits and warned of potential fiat withdrawal channel pauses. The SEC has previously taken action against other crypto companies, such as Kraken, Genesis, and Gemini. Approximately 12% of the US population is estimated to own crypto investments

Digital design studio RTFKT has joined forces with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to venture into the realms of film and TV, following its acquisition by Nike in 2021. The collaboration with CAA will involve the development of webinars and educational content catering to artists specializing in crypto and 3D. As part of its strategy to enhance its digital footprint, Nike aims to establish partnerships with other Web2 companies, such as its recent collaboration with EA Sports through Nike Virtual Studios. CAA's association with RTFKT and the Rumble Kong League (RKL) serves to provide credibility to Web3 projects

Louis Vuitton is introducing a new collection of digital and physical "Treasure Trunks" as NFT. These NFTs grant buyers access to future products, experiences, and a community of other NFT holders. The price for each trunk in the Treasure Trunks collection is around $41,600, and only a limited quantity, consisting of a few hundred trunks, will be made available for purchase, emphasizing their exclusivity. This release is part of a larger project called "Via," which will provide additional experiences and exclusive offerings in the future. Once purchased, each trunk functions as a "soulbound token" and cannot be traded or transferred

CyberBroker has introduced Version Beta Missions for Paradigm Lost, bringing in competitive faction gameplay. Players have the option to join one of three factions and engage in weekly missions. To be eligible, players must either be a CyberBroker or Genesis Mech holder, or possess an NFT from partner collections like CryptoPunks, BAYC, Cool Cats, and more. By participating, players can uncover secrets, earn rewards, and help their faction establish dominance over a Beta World

Fidenza #545 was sold for 625 ETH, equivalent to $1.17 million USD, making it the 5th highest sale in ETH terms. The buyer, identified by the address 95B9F6, made the purchase in a reserved sale on OpenSea. The seller, jz3/jzchew.eth, also owns CryptoPunk #9476 and CryptoPunk #5350 in the same wallet. The buyer of Fidenza #545 is believed to be the same person who recently acquired CryptoPunk #6649 through an over-the-counter (OTC) transaction. This sale reflects the growing interest in Art Blocks and generative art, which was fueled by recent auctions at Sotheby's. Notable sales during those auctions include Fidenza #725, sold for slightly over $1 million, and Fidenza #971, which fetched 370 ETH ($685k)

Erick "Snowfro" has announced the minting of 17 new Squiggles as a reward for individuals who have supported generative art and made significant contributions to the digital art universe and the Art Blocks ecosystem. There will be more mints in the upcoming weeks leading to the final mint. Two weeks ago, a charity auction organized by VerticalCrypto Art and Right Click Save raised 186 ETH for The ALS Association by auctioning off 10 unminted Squiggles. Snowfro had previously minted Chromie Squiggles in November 2020 but hadn't finished minting all 10,000 Squiggles. With the addition of the minted 17 Squiggles, a total of 9,791 Squiggles have been minted so far. Snowfro's selective release of unminted Squiggles has generated high interest, as seen in the recent charity auction

Franklin has joined the NFT Inspect Council, a group consisting of respected founders and active builders in the NFT space. The council aims to enhance and expand NFTInspect. The current members of the council include @ElenaaETH, @waleswoosh, and @wabdoteth. Franklin recently tweeted a green square, hinting at an upcoming announcement related to NFTInspect. He clarified that it is not connected to an airdrop or token

A Kid called BEAST, in collaboration with Kalidor Media Group and Blockchn Media Inc., is working on an animated series based on its intellectual property. The partnership aims to bring A Kid Called Beast to TV, combining the digital and physical realms. The brand's "Beast Hoods'' characters, with their diverse personalities and interests in areas like food, arts, luxury living, cryptography, and coding, provide a wide range of storytelling opportunities

Kraken's NFT marketplace has completed its beta stage, providing a platform with more than 250 NFT collections to cater to diverse interests. Users can trade NFTs on Kraken without incurring gas fees. In addition, Kraken NFT has formed a partnership with the Williams Racing Formula 1 team, allowing users to display their favorite NFT on the rear wing of an F1 car during a race. Despite facing competition, the marketplace needs to find compelling incentives to attract users

Almost all projects that have a "whale holders %" below 0.6% also have a floor price below 2 ETH, except Milady

Otherwise, there are 5 projects with a "whale holders %" above 0.6% that have a floor price below 2 ETH: Cool Cats, 0N1 Force, Renga, Chimpers and CryptoDickbutts

No big changes occurred this week in terms of global reach on Twitter

@hpos10iETH (Sproto Gremlins) is new in the Top 25 this week

There are few communities that have experienced an increase in active users compared to two months ago



AtomicHub, a prominent web3 marketplace on the WAX blockchain, is organizing the inaugural AtomicHub Game Fest. The Game Fest offers a prize pool of over $3,000

Magic Eden

Magic Eden allows self-inscription of names of select domains on its Bitcoin platform


9dcc, the crypto-native luxury house founded by gmoney, is launching a Web3 fashion collaboration with Stapleverse, the NFT brand and platform of prominent sneakerhead and streetwear designer Jeff Staple

  • DeepBlack was created in 2019 and is the first end-to-end AI artist on the Ethereum blockchain
  • The people who are interested in DeepBlack are a diverse group. Some are passionate about collecting historical NFTs and others simply love AI art
  • The DeepBlack collection is unique and limited. There are only 3,073 art pieces available
  • Overall, 27% of NFTs are held by blue chip holders. Meebits and CryptoPunks holders are particularly interested
This overview is just an example. In our token-gated Discord, we analyse projects on a granular level, where we try to catch projects before the market finds out about them. We look into what other blue-chip holders are invested in the project and who the teams behind them are to provide the most objective review on these projects
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3 Things must happen, or ETH fails: Transition to L2 Solutions, transition to Smart Contract Wallets, ensuring Privacy

  • The Volume increased by over 500% and the Floor Price by over 80% this week
  • The collection had the ATH at almost 0.3 ETH, there are those with 0.1 ETH Floor Price still a long way to go, but increased by over 80% due to announcements
  • Partnership with "TRIBE", a community engagement platform
  • Individual activation recruiting process (Kasting Call)
  • Expanding the ecosystem (Ordinals)
A more detailed overview of sales volume on significant projects in real-time can be found on the Arts DAO Discord, which provides objective data on the happenings in the NFT space
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