Bitcoin has undergone a significant price surge in just a week, accompanied by a growing interest from financial elites in acquiring the cryptocurrency. BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, has applied for a Bitcoin Spot ETF, while institutions like Deutsche Bank and Fidelity are also obtaining licenses. The US tech stock exchange, Nasdaq, has even launched a crypto custody service. Additionally, major players such as Galaxy Digital and Citadel are entering the crypto market. This influx of institutional interest and investment is seen as one of the most positive developments for Bitcoin and the overall crypto market in quite some time 

Notably, even a small allocation of 0.5% from global alternative investments (currently 23% of managed funds) to cryptocurrencies could potentially increase the entire market by a factor of 15

Comparisons are drawn to BlackRock's impact on the gold price through their involvement in a gold ETF. If approved early next year, the timing would coincide with the Bitcoin halving in about days. Due to the current economic situation, with the possibility of inflation and recession, it is difficult to estimate what impact all this will have

During the recent Bitcoin pump because of the bullish BTC ETF news, Killabears witnessed an intriguing floor price behavior. The floor price surged by an impressive 23.2%

Airphoria is a collaboration between Fortnite and Nike's Air Max sneakers. This unique Fortnite experience allows gamers to connect their Epic Games and Nike accounts, enabling them to unlock special achievements on the .SWOOSH platform. The Airphoria Pack, available in Fortnite, features exclusive outfits named Maxxed Out Max and Airie. By integrating Air Max sneakers into the Fortnite universe, Airphoria creates an immersive environment for fans. These outfits not only serve as stylish additions but also act as a gateway to the .SWOOSH Air Max Virtual Collection. This collection offers a range of virtual footwear and apparel, empowering individuals to express themselves on digital platforms such as websites, video games, and social networks

Memeland has announced a significant event to commemorate its one-year anniversary. They will be conducting a teleburn, which involves transferring 111 of their most valuable NFTs from their treasury to a platform called Ordinals. This move aims to establish a community comprising skilled creators, artists, and collectors on Ordinals. Memeland has also hinted at upcoming announcements, including the reveal of Captainz, the launch of their $MEME project, and a new minting event. The NFTs being teleburned were initially minted a year ago at a price of 5.3 ETH each, and their value has now surged above 50 ETH. The total estimated worth of this teleburn is around 6,438 ETH, equivalent to approximately $10.6 million

The introduction of Bitcoin Ordinal Inscriptions through the Ordinals protocol in January 2023 has had a significant impact on the Web3 space. Ethscriptions, a recently launched protocol on Ethereum, allows the creation and sharing of digital entities as long as they are under 96 kilobytes. Created by Tom Lehman, co-founder of, Ethscriptions have gained substantial interest since their launch on June 17. Over 130,000 Ethscriptions have been generated so far, with the Ethereum Punks collection quickly claimed within hours. Currently, Ethscriptions are limited to images, but there are plans to expand their capabilities in the future. Lehman believes that Ethscriptions play a crucial role in the Web3 space by offering affordable and decentralized solutions

Nouns DAO has successfully funded its first feature-length animated film titled "The Rise of Blus: A Nouns Movie." The film showcases popular NFT characters from the Nouns community. This project marks the first-ever animated movie funded by a DAO. The production of the film is entrusted to Atrium, an animation studio and network of independent artists and creators known for their work with Pixar, Netflix, and Marvel. The protagonist of the movie is an original Noun character, accompanied by other characters inspired by existing Nouns. With a budget of $2.75 million, the funding will be distributed in stages based on the team's progress and community financing

Yuga Labs, in collaboration with design studio Zak Group, has announced the official book project for CryptoPunks, six years after its launch. The book will provide a comprehensive overview of each of the 10,000 Ethereum avatars, showcasing their artwork and highlighting the significant impact they have had since their introduction. Zak Group's Creative Director, Zak Kyes, sees CryptoPunks as a fusion of art, design, and the internet in the 21st century, and the book aims to shape real-time culture. The original creators of CryptoPunks, Matt Hall and John Watkinson of Larva Labs, will contribute to the book, alongside renowned digital artists, community members, and entrepreneurs such as Beeple, Erick Calderon, pseudonymous collector 6529, and gmoney

Zora has recently launched a more accessible Ethereum layer-2 solution, catering to artists, creators, and communities. This solution is built on the Optimism Foundation's OP stack, offering improved gas efficiency and scalability. Notably, the minting process on Zora's layer-2 network is expected to cost less than 50 cents, making it more affordable for users. Additionally, Zora's layer-2 network allows for the exploration of economic mechanisms to subsidize fees for creators. Since its establishment in 2020, Zora has gained popularity and has been utilized by notable entities like Coinbase, who used it for distributing free NFTs. The platform has successfully secured a total of $60 million in funding, including a $50 million funding round in May 2022

The Sandbox

The Sandbox has introduced the Om Nom Avatar Collection, which includes 2,000 cute avatars from the crazy world of Cut the Rope


HSBC has submitted a new trademark application that includes banking in the metaverse, virtual credit cards, as well as NFTs and NFT-supported media

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained launched on the Epic Games Store. Immutable, the parent company of Gods Unchained and a major player in NFT-focused Layer 2 scaling, is valued at $2.5 billion

The Nakamigos

The Nakamigos have teased the "next chapter" for this fall. After the tweet, the floor price increased to over 0.3 ETH


Renga announced a collaboration with the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team and OpenSea for Haas' entry into the NFT space

Alts by adidas

Alts by adidas hinted at the upcoming Chapter 2 and the opening of the Rift Valley Motel Vending Machine on June 27

Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs will kick off its HV-MTL Forge and first season on June 29


LooksRare introduced its Affiliate Program. Affiliates can earn up to 50% of the protocol fees generated by people they refer

World of Women

World of Women collaborated with FC Barcelona Femini, the winners of the Champions League, for Masterpiece #2. This unique artwork was auctioned on June 26 on OpenSea


a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has successfully concluded an oversubscribed seed round, raising $1.5 million to support the development of its decentralized chess game

The German Intelligence Agency

The German Intelligence Agency, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), has launched an NFT collection called Dogs of BND as part of a recruitment drive

Utility Wen
  • “Utility Wen” is a collection that was founded by the Plague team
  • However, the reveal and further information have not yet been disclosed. Pons has stated that $FRG will be integrated into the reveal and NFT dynamics moving forward
  • $FRG can be obtained by staking The Plague frog NFTs
  • The Floor Price has almost more than doubled since mint
  • Although BEANZ also had a strong week, "Utility Wen" was more heavily swept

This overview is just an example. In our token-gated Discord, we analyse projects on a granular level, where we try to catch projects before the market finds out about them. We look into what other blue-chip holders are invested in the project and who the teams behind them are to provide the most objective review on these projects
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A thread that explains NFTInspect, the Web3 social intelligence tool: Helps you to track your PFP
account, good tool to grow on Twitter, Compare collections and PFP in terms of global reach

  • Azuki has introduced a new collection called Elementals. The collection will be launched on Tuesday, June 27, with exclusive pre-sale access granted to existing Azuki and BEANZ token holders
  • Additionally, each Azuki holder received an unrevealed and locked Elemental, adding an element of mystery to the tokens
  • The recent Follow the Rabbit event hosted by Azuki generated anticipation and excitement among NFT enthusiasts. It is important to note that Elementals are not yet tradeable and do not have a floor price
  • Azuki has seen significant involvement from whales, with Beanz being the most purchased item this week
  • That was also noticeable in terms of volume. The BEANZ collection was able to achieve over 500% more volume than the previous week
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