The AzukiDAO has launched a proposal to hire a lawyer and pursue legal action against Zagabond for alleged misconduct. The aim of this legal action is to recover $39 million worth of ETH that was earned from Azuki's controversial "Elementals" NFT collection launch. If successful, the funds recovered will be used to support the development of the Azuki community. As of now, 88.35% of the DAO's BEAN tokens have voted in favour of the action, while 11.65% have voted against it. The Azuki team has faced criticism for the launch of their "Azuki Elementals" NFT collection on June 27. The collection sold out in under 15 minutes during a private sale, generating $38 million for the Azuki team. The backlash against the launch involved concerns about short pre-sale windows, website overload, issues with minting, and a perceived lack of originality in the NFT art. Some NFT holders expressed worries that the introduction of 20,000 new NFTs would devalue the existing ones in the collection. Additionally, allegations have emerged that the project team moved 20,000 ETH from the wallet shortly after the collection concluded

This attention on Twitter has resulted in Azuki flipping MAYC for the first
time in terms of global reach on Twitter

CyberKongz has announced the reintroduction of ERC721x, an upgraded version of the standard ERC721 contract. The new contract, developed by CyberKongz's lead Solidity Developer @OwlOfMoistness, incorporates key features such as Locking and Guarding. Locking enables users to stake assets without losing ownership, while the Guardian feature provides on-chain 2-Factor Authentication. The goal of ERC721x is to enhance asset safety and combat scams and hacks. It maintains the convenience of a hot wallet while ensuring that assets cannot be transferred without permission from the lock registry. Additionally, Guarding allows users to assign another wallet as a Guardian to lock assets and provide extra security

Prominent digital art collector Cozomo de' Medici has joined forces with Avant Arte to establish a partnership aimed at bridging the gap between physical and digital art. This collaboration will involve skilled print-makers working closely with artists to create limited physical editions of artworks from the Medici collection. While the names of the seven participating artists are yet to be revealed, the announcement is expected to take place in the coming week

Frank DeGods has introduced a fresh and innovative roadmap format, drawing inspiration from an old Facebook profile. This Facebook-inspired roadmap will undergo frequent updates to reflect the evolving nature of the projects. The design of the roadmap incorporates clever clues that offer hints about upcoming developments. It covers progress on various projects, including DeGods Season III, y00ts2, Points, and DUST. The new roadmap format promotes collaboration and collective vision-building. Brands have the opportunity to apply for collaboration on the dedicated website, fostering a spirit of partnership and shared goals

Cool Cats is planning to partner with renowned game developers to launch three games within the next year. Additionally, the Cool Pets collection will undergo an upgrade, featuring expanded character development, new artwork, and improved functionality within the Cool Cats ecosystem. Starting from July 27, 2023, the active generation of $MILK will be discontinued. To mark this transition, a final $MILK burn event will be organized during the summer, offering participants physical and digital rewards. Cooltopia items such as Pet Questing and Cat Gathering will gain more utility in the upcoming avatar system. The collaboration with game developers aims to boost the global visibility and engagement of the Cool Cats brand

Wolf Game is set to release "The Peak," a player versus player (PvP) arena in which participants have the chance to win $WOOL prizes. This PvP arena, a first of its kind in Wolf Game, introduces a tiered system of play. The game library and prize offerings are expected to expand in the future. To compete, players will require Energy and $WOOL, with Wolves enjoying an advantage in energy conversion to Peak Credits. In the past, Wolf Game has boasted prize pools of up to 500 million $WOOL and has seen NFT trading volumes exceeding $100 million

Web3 game studio Mythical Games has successfully raised $37 million in a Series C1 funding round, with Scytale Digital leading the extension round. The funding round attracted new investors such as ARK Invest, Animoca Brands, MoonPay, Proof, and Stanford Athletics, while previous participants included Andreesen Horowitz, WestCap, Struck Capital, Signum Growth, and Gaingels. The aim is to secure an additional $20-30 million throughout the year. The funding will be utilized to support Mythical Games' exploration and innovation in the web3 space. The potential for additional funding beyond initial expectations has emerged through negotiations with strategic investors

Warner Music Group (WMG) and Polygon Labs have joined forces to establish a music accelerator program. The primary objective of the program is to support blockchain music projects and decentralized applications (dapps) on the Polygon network. The accelerator program is particularly interested in companies and entrepreneurs operating at the intersection of music, technology, and Web3. Selected projects will receive financial backing from both WMG and Polygon Labs. Polygon has a track record of collaborating with renowned brands such as Starbucks, Reddit, and Nike to integrate Web3 technology. WMG, on the other hand, has partnered with Splinterlands for blockchain gaming and launched a music-focused theme park in The Sandbox metaverse platform. Previously, WMG and Polygon collaborated on the release of music NFTs through the NFT marketplace LGND

Mastercard has unveiled the Multi-Token Network (MTN), an initiative that aims to introduce tokenization and blockchain technology to the banking sector. Major banks and financial institutions have been invited to participate in the Mastercard has unveiled the Multi-Token Network (MTN), an initiative that aims to introduce tokenization and blockchain technology to the banking sector. Major banks and financial institutions have been invited to participate in the MTN project. The future scope of the project includes expansion to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and regulated stablecoins. The integration of stablecoins within MTN could play a significant role in driving the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by banks and customers alike

Only a few projects have seen an increase in floor price in the past 7 and 30 days. Currently, "The Shiboshis" @Shibtoken is performing particularly well, as they recently teased their metaverse

Lego and Epic Games

Lego and Epic Games have teamed up to initiate a discussion on the Metaverse at the Cannes Lions Festival. It will not be limited to AR/VR devices, but will be accessible on all platforms, including mobile devices


ZED RUN has introduced XP NFTs, a new feature for playing and earning, allowing stables to increase the experience points (XP) of their


Moonbirds: 50 Mythic Eggs and 50 Oddities will be revealed each day starting in July


Lacoste announced the UNDW3 Card, an NFT that allows brand builders and entrepreneurs to shape the future of the Lacoste brand


Yuga released a game guide and an explainer video for the HV-MTL Forge


platform for generative art, is preparing to launch its 2.0 version with significant advancements

Magic Eden and Helio Pay

Magic Eden and Helio Pay are collaborating to launch the first-ever multi-chain presale platform for creators. The platform aims to provide a seamless experience, early access, and community building for creators and collectors

Ether Capsule
  • After two years of work, the Ether project was finally launched in the Web3 space
  • The NFTs were priced at 0.65 ETH for the public, while allowlist holders were able to mint them for 0.35 ETH or get them for free with a 10-week lockup period
  • Funds raised will be used to expand the Ether team and support charitable causes
  • The founders, although anonymous, have revealed their experience and expertise
  • Ether aims to be a luxury brand, offering immersive experiences for collectors in anime, fashion, and music
  • The collection includes diverse male and female characters, rare archetypes, and customization options
  • The market's response and Ether's performance will determine its position as a prominent player in the digital luxury brand space
  • Directly after the mint, the price shot up to over 1.2 ETH. With a current floor price of about 0.65 ETH, it is still higher than the public mint price and thus in the green zone
This overview is just an example. In our token-gated Discord, we analyse projects on a granular level, where we try to catch projects before the market finds out about them. We look into what other blue-chip holders are invested in the project and who the teams behind them are to provide the most objective review on these projects
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  • Overlord has partnered with Immutable, a prominent web3 gaming platform on Ethereum, to introduce their high-quality AAA game
  • Developed by Superduper, the game will be launched on Immutable, which is known for hosting the popular blockchain game Gods Unchained
  • Overlord's goal is to drive mass adoption of web3 through a multi-media strategy. They aim to enhance user engagement by focusing on strategic onboarding and providing a seamless gaming experience with digital ownership
  • The partnership with Immutable enables Overlord to leverage its tools, frameworks, and services, ensuring a smooth and accessible user experience. Overlord's vision is to revolutionize gaming by promoting player ownership of in-game assets

In the top 100 in terms of volume, there were only 6 projects that experienced an increase in both
volume and floor price. Among them was Creepz, which managed to increase its volume by 380%

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